Deadlines and Judging Schedules

Regional Qualifying Tournaments

1st Stage
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Deadline for entry
Notice of 1st Stage results 2nd Stage
qualifying tournament
Participants of Asia region 1
in Hong Kong
Deadline for entry: July 26th Notice of 1st Stage results: August 1st qualifying tournament: August 14th Venue: International Culinary Institute
Participants of European
in Paris
Deadline for entry: October 17th Notice of 1st Stage results: October 22nd 2nd Stage - qualifying tournament: November 5th Venue: Le Cordon Bleu
Participants of Asia region 2
in Singapore
Deadline for entry: September 12th Notice of 1st Stage results: September 17th qualifying tournament: October 1st Venue: SHATEC
Participants of US qualifying tournament
*Please see below.
* Special: for the US qualifying tournament only
This year, the WWC will be held in collaboration with the Japanese Culinary Academy's "Japan Culinary Art Competition" in which Japanese cuisine chefs from around the world and from Japan compete for the top. One contestant in the Competition's New York qualifying tournament (to be held on January 13th, 2020) will win a ticket to the WWC final. Applicants who wish to compete in the US should apply to the Japan Culinary Art Competition. Please visit their homepage for more details.
  • * Travel and hotel expenses for qualifying tournaments are to be paid for by the contestant.
  • * Travel and hotel expenses for the final tournament will be covered by the WWC organizing committee.
  • * There is no participation fee.
Details on qualifying tournaments