Result of Basque Qualifying Tournament

Basque Qualifying Tournament was held on 27th November 2019 at Basque Culinary Center and 6 chefs competed for their technical expertise and passion for Japanese food.

The first section was cooking technique (basic knife skills) test for 15 minutes.
From one 10cm long daikon radish, contestants had to make Daikon katsura muki (30cm-long peel with no breaks), Daikon ken (for roughly five people).

The second section was cooking Nimonowan for 90 minutes. Using designated ingredients provided by the contest organizing committee, contestants had to prepare Nimonowanfor five people.

And the winner is …

Mireia Farnós from Spain.

This is the original dish cooked by Mireia Farnós.
She will be invited to Tokyo for the final.

1st place: Mireia Farnós (Spain, Basque Culinary Center)
2nd place: Wara Merida Mancilla (Spain, Basque Culinary Center)
3rd place: Alejandro Sevilla (Spain, Basque Culinary Center)

This is the original dish cooked by Wara Merida Mancilla.

This is the original dish cooked by Alejandro Sevilla.

Thank you all for being a part of the Basque Qualifying Tournament.

We encourage all the competitors who did not qualify this time, to come back and take the challenge again.

Photo by Daniel Fernandez

Last Updated: December 4, 2019